One In a Million [open, 8/14, evening]

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One In a Million [open, 8/14, evening]  Empty One In a Million [open, 8/14, evening]

Post  Fate and Fury on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:20 pm

A woman, angelic features expertly enhanced with the cosmetics offered nowadays, comes from the upper floors of the building. The snakeskin stiletto pumps on her feet or a deep blood red, as is her dress. The dress sweeps to the floor, a slit in the back. The mandarin collar frames the golden hollow of her throat. The dress is skin tight.

The Club hasn't opened quite yet, but when it does, it will be the yearly event she hosted every year at this time. 'The Lover's Ball'. Silver hair swept elegantly up, diamonds a glitter at her ears and wrist, the goddess of Love slipped into one of the chairs at the bar. "A shot of whiskey and a shot of oozo, water back." She told the young man behind the bar. Sandy haired and androgynous, he was beautiful in a very Nordic way.

The other tenders, a curvaceous Latina with doe eyes, and an auburn haired Italian beauty with changeable hazel green eyes, buffed the bar shining, and stacked glasses. The goddess downed her shots, and the glass of water in less than a minute. The shot glasses were filled again, and followed swiftly after their predecessors. The clock ticked onto the 8 'o clock hour with a tinkle of chimes, and the doors unlocked to admit the already gathered crowd in their finery. "Happy fucking day for me." said the jaded woman, her words lost in the beginning sounds of celebration.
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