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Post  Fate and Fury on Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:02 am

First rule is to have fun. I'm going to try and keep all of you equal, while still letting you have freedom and frolicking aplenty.

Second rule: If the admins say to change something, stop something or any other instruction, please do it. They're here to ensure that play remains fun and that is their first job. I will always endeavor not to play favorites, because let's face it, I love all you people anyway.

Third rule: Keep OOC bickering and rules stuff to the chat boards or PMs. If you have problem with certain calls that a player is making about their stuff, call on an admin. Don't argue about it mid scene.

Foruth rule: Please, dear God, observe good board etiquette. Post order is a thing. I'd like to see it followed. Don't leave someone in the scene behind unless they pass response.

Fifth rule: What God says goes. So, in this case, if I nix something, redline or otherwise change it, no questions. Feel free to argue with me via PMs. If you do so politely, I may even engage in debate with you, and we might compromise. Rudeness, however, will get you nowhere. Except maybe banned....

At the end of it...fucking have fun, dammit! I don't care how many characters you make. Keep them straight, and out of one another's business. Keep information known by one character strictly to that character. Don't assume that what you know OOC is what you know IC. When in doubt, ask. Never be afraid to give a shout for admin attention on a scene. I'm generally always on.
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